Ways To Save In 2014

Everyone tries to avoid wasting money, it’s just that some individuals are “tighter” than others. If you are new to penny pinching, here are a few basics that just about every seasoned saver will see are “no-brainers” when wanting to save money:

1) Grow it yourself – With the price of food these days, why don’t you try planting a vegetable garden this season? It is inexpensive, a great family activity and you should have fresh produce as it’s needed!

2) Take a shortcut – Do you know all the possible different ways home? With the buying price of petrol, you could be saving some money! I know an alternative route to my house that shaves off 2 miles off the journey! Check petrol prices in the area by postcode.

3) Leftover soap – Is the bar of soap getting too small to take into a shower with? Place it in the bathroom for hand-washing.

4) Re-Use – Use your empty boxes to organise crayons, craft supplies, and so forth. Have your kids decorate them!

5) Buy Used – Do some of your household shopping from car boot sales and also on eBay.

6) Make sure you then have a good travelling cup for your coffee, tea or water. You would be surprised the amount of you can save when compared with coffee shops

7) Pack your sandwiches – I did the sums and we’d save a great deal a year just simply by packing my husband’s lunch as opposed to him eating out. In addition, all that fast food will pile on the pounds fast!

These are just some of the ways I spend less. If you have other ideas, please post comment below.


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