Why I Love Holiday Park Kid’s Clubs

Caravans near the beachMums who have previously visited family holiday parks with children may already know the benefits of finding a good kid’s club. Finding any caravan park (visit) with a great kid’s club is usually a real treat mainly because it allows your kids to socialize and have some fun while getting also getting some exercise. And of course us adults will surely have some time to ourselves.

Caravan holiday park kid’s clubs are normally run by professional entertainers that will be trained and experienced in keeping large groups of kids amused. You will find some great clubs even on cheap caravan holidays. Most clubs will have sessions in the morning and follow a set schedule of fun stuff to do and entertainment. On some parks the clubs may be divided into age groups which may enable you to leave toddlers together if the club has a crèche service. Older kids can often enjoy more grown-up entertainment if the age groups are split.

As you will probably know, teenagers are often the hardest to please and clubs for teenagers usually consist of athletics like football, bowling and table tennis with discos in the evenings. Just remember though, your teenage son or daughter may end up not speaking to you all holiday if they end up in club that has a load of 8 year olds doing face painting!

The activities made available at kid’s clubs will be different between holiday parks so it will be worthwhile to read reviews of the caravan site first to gauge which one offers the most activities and facilities (this site has lots of reviews: www.greatcaravanholidays.co.uk). With a bit of luck and good research, all the family can have a great holiday.


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